Chinese Medicine For Allergy – Misleading Concept Or Fact?

Allergy is an umbrella term embracing all physical body reactions to certain triggering factors; most of the time with the environment. While western medical practice requires medical consultation if you suspect that you are allergic to certain substances or environmental factors; it is still a known possibility that Chinese medicine for allergy is also worth the try.Chinese medicine makes use of natural herbs to treat different types of allergies. And in some parts of the world this approach is used in combination to conventional medical practice. There are proven evidences and testimonies from those who have experienced the positive effects of utilizing Chinese medicine for allergy.The good thing with using natural herbs for allergy treatment is the fact that there will be no chances of facing the consequences of negative side effects. This is because you are making use of an all-natural organic substance with no harsh pharmaceutical ingredients in which the body may react to.With Chinese medicine for allergy you are not only relieving the symptoms that the allergic reaction brings about. As you continue to consume the medicine even as symptoms have subsided, there is a greater possibility that the natural herb is working on to treat the underlying cause of the allergy. Soon, you will notice that fewer allergic episodes are occurring until it completely vanishes. This is another great possibility that Chinese medicine can bring about.Many Chinese medicines for allergy are available in health food stores, herbalists, and other outlets selling Chinese traditional medicines. One of the most well-known natural herbs that have the potential of treating allergy is the Reishe Mushroom. This natural herb was recognized for its antihistamine properties as well as the capacity to lower cholesterol level in the blood. Reishe mushroom is available in capsule form from the mentioned Chinese medicine outlets. While eating it fresh is also a good idea, still the capsule form is a more convenient and effective method of getting enough dosage necessary to treat the allergy.Other Chinese medicines for allergy:Cure Allergy With AcupunctureAcupuncture is the oldest Chinese mode of treatment that can be used virtually on all types of diseases. Through acupuncture, Chinese medicine practitioners try to treat the problem right from their roots. As per Chinese medicine, allergies arise due to the element wind. Acupuncture tries to address a person’s allergic reaction by treating the lungs, the spleen, or the stomach so that they won’t get easily irritated with allergens.Herbal Treatment for Allergies with Minor Blue Dragon FormulaThis Chinese herb is a good decongestant, which is especially helpful for people who experience nasal problems due to allergic reactions.
It would also clear one’s phlegm. The herb also strengthens the person’s lungs so that it becomes more tolerant to most allergens.Natural Cure for Allergies with Astra 8Astra 8 is another herbal formula that is designed to detoxify the lungs and the spleen. The herb could remove all the organisms that could make these two organs more prone to allergic reactions, as brought about by the wind and the environment. The herb can also help in making the person’s immune system stronger.Chinese Treatment with Kinesiology for AllergyKinesiology is a part of the Chinese traditional way of healing. It can be classified as a diagnostic process in treating allergies. Here, the person is tested for sensitivities through the reaction of his muscles. A test substance will be used in order to determine if a person is allergic to it or not. If the muscles retracted, then the person is positively allergic to the substance.While some communities combine Chinese medicine for allergy with conventional medical practices; it is still greatly suggested to consult everything with a doctor. This is to be sure that natural herbs won’t go with any prescription medicine that you are presently taking either for allergy or for any medical condition that you are undergoing treatment with.The role of Chinese medicine in treating allergy and other medical conditions have slowly being recognized by those who are in search for a treatment with lesser possibilities of encountering bad side effects. Careful research, evaluation, and exploration will bring you to the reality that indeed Chinese medicine for allergy is effective and reliable.