What Is Good for Acid Reflux? Protein Sources, Vegetables and Dairy Products

Dairy products and protein rich food is the best remedy to prevent heartburn or acid reflux and related problems. Acid reflux is a condition which occurs due to improper digestion process inside the body. The food which could be considered well for acid reflux includes vegetables and fruits like broccoli celery, peas, lettuce, cauliflower, corn etc. The diary products which can be consumed to prevent acid reflux are like low fat milk, cottage cheese in salads and garnishing, and cream cheese in breakfasts.All such dairy products act as the neutralizer for acids inside the stomach and esophageal sphincter which gradually coats the lining of the stomach and prevents pains. But for people who have lactose intolerance along with reflux, it is recommended to consume dairy products with some appropriate digestive enzymes to cope with the problem first.Another way to minimize the hurting effects of the gastric or acid reflux is to use soy milk instead of other dairy products, if you don’t like to have the latter one. The vegetables which one should avoid to prevent acid flux are like garlic, onions, and tomatoes.try keep the citric foods away from your diet.Citrus food adds more acidic content in your food which in turn accelerates the production of more acids in the stomach to digest the consumed food. Food sources rich in protein like lean beef. Fish etc. can be added into the diet as these are nearly neutral to acid reflux action. One can keep the grains intact in their diet as these are fibrous and helpful in keeping the metabolism strong.